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Bangalore pans out legendary traffic jam for celebrating Modi's arrival

25, Sep 2014 By johnrj

In a show of respect for the PM, Bangalore traffic police have orchestrated a tremendous amount of traffic as a gift for the PM.

Modi after looking at jam

“He will be coming from the flight and I am sure when he looks down from there we want all the vehicles to stay still stand in respect of our PM,” said a traffic policeman gazing dreamily at the sky, “It’s truly going to be an acche din for everyone.”

Citizens were made to wait in traffic for more than 3 hours today as the PM made his way through the city.

“We had planned this long back and today we had a great paani puri night together with all our colleagues,” said a policeman “We wanted to see a movie also but our PM left so we had to get back to work.”

Traffic policemen were also seen taking selfies amidst traffic to celebrate our PM’s arrival. Due to the traffic, Bangalore has made it to the Limca book of records for having 16 on the go pregnancy deliveries, most petrol and diesel burnt in 24 hours, 2 people waking from coma due to consistent honking of vehicles.

Bangalore traffic department have personally written to various leaders to come to Bangalore often for creating more records. They have also planned to have a similar celebration soon after Mangalyaan successfully lands in Mars