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Bangalore Cycle user is able to match BMW speed, Rahul to reward K’taka CM for creating equal opportunity for all

16, Mar 2015 By dasu

Bangalore: IT couple Kiran & Deepa were desperately looking for a cook like many do in Bangalore. After putting advertisements through OLX, Quiker, Sulekha, WhatsApp, they were lucky to get a cook who can come around by the time Newshour in Timesnow starts.

The techie couple stayed at Bannerghatta road, but their office is in Indiranagar. The Cook Nandu stayed in Kodihalli which is near to Indiranagar.

Nandu wanted to see their residence before he finalize the deal to which the couple agreed. For him the key factor is find out how much time it takes to reach somebody’s residence and whether they want dinner before newshour starts or not.

As soon as Nandu started, he informed Kiran. Though both of them started around same time from same place, Nandu reached before Kiran. It was a rude shock for Kiran, after all his recently purchased BMW could not match the speed of a 20 year old Hercules Cycle.

Our faking news reporter met Nandu to know more about this achievement, he told us “Sir, I have money to purchase a bike, but I do not want to. First of all traffic police do not have time to look at people like us, they are busy catching smart looking techies who drive Pulsar, CBZ, Royal Enfield etc. With so much traffic, dividers, one-ways you can easily carry the cycle wherever you want. You also do not have to go to petrol pumps where the queue is so big, in that time I can prepare 20 chapatis”.

Just Another cycle rider like Nandu
Just Another cycle rider like Nandu

He further added “I work for more than ten houses and everyone want to eat hot food as soon as they are back from office. The only way I can reach everybody’s house on time is through my cycle only”. Nandu was tech savvy, well read and told us how he is contributing to Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. After faking news highlighted the observation that the average speed of a cycle rider is almost close to that of BMW in Bangalore, one of the congress worker took a note of this and mentioned this to senior congress leader Digambar singh.

Karnataka is one of the few states ruled by Congress and Rahulji’s close confidant Digambar singh is in charge of this state. Rahulji who has taken a temporary sabbatical was glad to know about this from Digambar singh. He was feeling proud that here is a congress government who believes in giving equal opportunity for all, be it Nandu or Kiran.

Rahul Gandhi wants every state ruled by Congress to follow the policies the Karnataka government is following especially on city infrastructure planning & traffic management. In fact he wants to see people like Nandu reaching their work places well ahead of techies like Kiran. He wants to show NDA how they need to govern country by following Karnataka way of governance.

The CM is happy to see his effort being recognized, called for a meeting of the bureaucrats and appreciated their contribution. Some of the bureaucrats on the condition of anonymity told our faking news reporter “we do not have to work much harder to see Rahulji’s wish getting fulfilled. With more than 2000 vehicles getting registered every day in Bangalore, by the end of this year we expect average speed of a cycle rider will be twice that of BMW”.