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Bangalore autowala beaten intensely by other autowalas for agreeing to go by meter

20, Jun 2014 By nitingpt09

An autowala named Badshah (name changed) was fiercely beaten by his fellow autowalas when he agreed to go by meter yesterday in the broad daylight in Bangalore.

When other auto drivers were asked about it, they all got agitated about the incident. One of them was quoted saying, “How could he agree to go by meter and that too to some non-kannada guy. I mean was he out of his senses ?? He has been driving auto in Bangalore for more than 3 weeks now and should be knowing all the rules.”

Time bomb.
Time bomb.

“Let me take this opportunity to tell all others in the autowala community who are thinking of agreeing to go by meter that it would be considered as a serious offence and not be forgiven under any circumstances. However, I don’t feel there would be many. All the autodrivers in Bangalore must go through the 347 pages rulebook wherein the guidelines are laid specifically for this purpose, some of which are:

1. An auto driver must always ask for a minimum of double the fare to all non-kannada passengers.

2. An auto driver must always use lame excuses like “not possible to get any savari from a specific place ( even if it is as crowded as MG road)” or “roadblocks due to lot of traffic ( even at 2 AM)” to charge extra fare.

3. All the auto drivers must always be ready to beat a passenger to death if he tries to bargain.

4. An auto driver must always drive the auto insanely and be responsible for at least 1 accident per week which subsequently would be increased to 1 per day in next 6 months.

5. An auto driver must always converse in Kannada to all passengers irrespective of whether he/she knows the language or not. Use of any other language is strictly prohibited.

Similarly,  there are 127 rules and guidelines in the book in total. While most of the them learn these rules on-the-job, there are a few like Badshah who are at a risk of  their licenses to drive auto being revoked if found displaying this kind of behavior again,” said another fellow driver.

When Badshah was asked why he committed such an inhumane act, he said he was just trying to make fun of the passenger for even asking such a silly question to go by meter but the fellow auto drivers didn’t even wait for a second to let him explain himself.

He has accepted that this was a mistake from his side and has promised not to repeat such an act in future.