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Bangalore Auto Drivers to be hired by the Indian Airlines Industry

22, Jul 2015 By AdityaSachan

Bangalore. Most of the financially struggling Airlines have finally decided to hire Bangalore Auto Drivers rather than MBAs from premium colleges. “They have just better understanding of Fare Management and Economics than any MBA. They understand the market. And yes, they are low cost hire”, said the HR of CheapAir Airlines.

Our Attitude and Speed both are of Pilot and Airplane. So, market understanding and Soft skills we are already inculcated with.
Our attitude and speed both are higher than pilot and Airplane, respectively!

After first recruitment drive, we asked the Bangalore Auto Driver to justify his candidature for the prescribed job. He said, “I have an experience of 5 years in driving Auto. I understand how the fares work. I don’t remember last time I used my Auto meter. The fare is completely dependent on economics of supply and demand and complex understanding of human needs”.

On further clarification, Anna, the auto driver, smiled on the innocence of interviewer and gave a simple explanation of the concept.

“First rule is never to use simple Auto meter, but rather complex economics and Human behavior concepts. If the fare is rupees 40, you must charge more than meter fare. Now if there are less than 5 autos nearby you can ask for 60 rupees. If its office time, you can understand the need of urgency and ask for 80 rupees. If its raining , you can ask for 100 rupees. If the person doesn’t know local language or seems new in the city, you can ask for even 150 rupees.

So you see it requires real talent and complex fare understanding that too in real time’. said Anna with smile.

‘These auto drivers will help us extract more money from our passengers. Premium seat, Meals are now old school concepts. We need to use complex fare system like Bangalore Auto driver to become profitable’ said Mr. Policywala, HR in major airlines.

Auto drivers have also formed a new association, Community of High Extortion Auto Talent or C.H.E.A.T. to spread the knowledge.