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Band baaja rang dal mobile marriage bureau

16, Feb 2014 By arjun884

A 38 year old techie Lakshmi Narayanan promised his children to take to the park next day. But next day’s story is different. To his disappointment,park which is a place for solitude suddenly turned different. Total park is completely filled with couples because it is valentine’s day and in few hours their marriage day too.

Band baaja rang dal marriage bureau was started 10 years back by marrying a couple rushing to office at traffic signals. From then it spread its wings wider and wider and now it going viral like anything

With great difficulty we found the head of the bureau Anurag sharma. He is very busy in marrying and blessing the couples.

He said, “They say ‘marriages are made in heaven’, I want to change line to marriages are made in India and make India heaven.”

“Our process is very simple. Couples should come to park and they must sit together on the bench, that’s it, you agree done.

We started just with 20 knots in first year. At starting we got lukewarm response because people didn’t’t know our intentions clearly. With passage of time they got our pulse and response is overwhelming now like Ragini MMS2 trailer.”

He continued “Now we have branches in every big city and we are getting sponsors for each and every basic thing that is needed for marriage. At the same time we are creating opportunities. Many b tech completed unemployed students are coming forward to show case their as musical bands which is very essential thing in marriages. Totally its like band baaja BHARATH day instead of some nonsense,useless unconventional English valentines day.”

“Many fake bureaus are coming by using our name. So,in order to curtail this we are using dress code ‘Ribbon tied to our fore head,long stick in our hands and kurthas’. Copy rights are reserved for this. Finally, whatever the problems we come across we never fall like sensex we rise like petrol price.”

Faking news was approached by many couple to share their stories. Here comes a 25 year old suresh das, ” It had been very hard to convince my parents. After many episodes of balika vadhu we gave up. With one of our friends advice we decided to go park but there is no park in our hometown so, we travelled for more than 3 hours to city park. See now we are a married(smiling). Now our parents cannot deny us because we are in the safe hands of bureau.”

A 32 year old excited software employee krishna kanth said “its like my dream come true. I always wanted to marry on Feb 14th because I proposed my love on the same day last year. My parents didn’t’t agree as there is no ‘muhurtams’ right now..now every thing is fine and the credit goes to the bureau.”

On the other side of the coin it has some bitter stories too.

“Due to financial problems we decided to marry by the bureau we came very early in the morning and tried very hard find bench. At last we settled at one corner but they didn’t’t marry us. Later we came to know the reason that we are inter religious. We came with lot of hope in bureau. But top our bad luck it didn’t’t work out” said a 26 year old government employee wiping his tears.

Hemanth rao, the head of matrimonies in India analysed the success of this bureau “There are mainly three reasons for their success. Firstly,they are quick and simple. They don’t use any paper works regular matrimonies.conventional ones are taking lot of paper work which costs more than half of a day.

Secondly, instead of people approaching bureau here bureau approaching people.

Third and most importantly, this comes once in a year like Aamir khan’s movie and that too on Feb 14 which is many peoples’ dream day.”

Inspired by objectives and features of Band Baaja Rang Dal Mobile Marriage bureau many are coming forward to set up new ones. Some of the sources claiming that Reliance group has an eye on it.