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Banarasi Paan price soars after NaMo’s nomination

19, Mar 2014 By fakinglyunreal

A day after when it was confirmed that NaMo once again got his own way and wrestled a safer seat of Varanasi from sitting MP and a senior BJP leader M.M. Joshi, many famous Paan vendors in the city, are permanently shutting their Paan business.

Status symbol
Status symbol

When we reached out to such Paan vendors, to find the reason driving their action, it was found, that all such Paan shops, from now on, will be serving only tea. And if that was not enough, few have already joined as watchmen in several societies nearby.

They are very much excited about their bright future on lines of NaMo’s carrier and are confident of travelling in private copters and donning designer Kurta very soon. As a result of this mass shut down, prices of Paan are increasing day by day. This can be attributed to pressure on supply side whereas demand is somewhat constant.

An educated young boy among them, while citing “Yes we can” slogan of NaMo, asked, if a tea vendor from Gujarat can do so why can’t we? Interestingly, crowd behind him, unable to comprehend these three words, started chanting NaMo NaMo.