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Bajrang Dal manhandles engineering student for using 'Valentine Predictor' app on Facebook

13, Jan 2014 By mallikarjuna

A final year engineering student was allegedly manhandled by Bajrang dal activists after he was caught using the ‘Who will be my valentine 2014’ app on Facebook.

Valentine's Day
This Valentine, stay alert.

The victim, Horny Singh, has lodged an FIR with the police. Preliminary investigations suggest that Horny was sent an invite to try out the app by a person, whom he had befriended on Facebook.

The invite was sent from an account named ‘Angelic Poonam’ which turned out to be a fake account after all, handled by an activist who was on the lookout for people commenting stuff like ‘cute pic dear’ on photos uploaded by female friends (read strangers) on Facebook.

Horny apparently attracted attention when he used the app thrice when the first two suggestions thrown up by the app weren’t acceptable, one of them being his roommate, the other his friend’s girlfriend. “Fearing public humiliation and possible arrest after the SC decision on 377, I tried for the third time”, said a beleaguered Horny.

“The app, which receives thousands of hits, generates a profile that is most likely to be the Valentine of the person who is trying out the app. It is a goldmine of information. There is still one month left for Valentine’s Day. It shows that our preparations are in order and we are better prepared than ever. We also have a list of parks we are going to ransack”, said one activist who was arrested.

“It is against our culture to indulge in such activities. Valentine’s Day is a western concept,” said another activist. When asked about, how exactly trying out an app on Facebook was immoral or against Indian culture, the activist warned us to mind our own business.

If sources are to be believed, the group decided to vent their anger on habitual app users after most of the group’s activists tried out ‘find out your mental age’ app and got a 9 as a response. The activists declined to comment on this.

There are also unconfirmed reports of Baba Ramdev offering help to cure people of this mentality.