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Babus increase bribe due to rise in consumer price index

04, Dec 2013 By trishanku

Every year Sadiq had to do the unenviable task of giving ‘mehnatana’ to government ‘servants’ { better known as babus} , for getting various approvals for the housing society. This year when he went to the office and dished out Rs 3000 to the babu, he was immediately shown the copy of the financial times indicating 11.5 % increase in the CPI { Consumer Price Index} over the year.

Victim of inflation.

The Babu said very stoically,  “Sadiq bhai, another 345 Rs. , please, to account for the inflation. ”

Sadiq was stunned but had no option but to agree since the approval papers were in the file to be ‘cleared’ by the Babu. Fortunately, he had some extra money with him and gave a 500 Rs note to the babu, not much hopeful of getting the remainder back.

The babu guessed his predicament. He quickly signed the papers and took out his purse; carefully counted 155 Rs in full view of Sadiq and gave these to him along with the approval papers.

Smiling with satisfaction at his nobility, he added, “Sadiq bhai, you thought I would not return the excess amount. I hope you would now appreciate that we are scrupulously honest about money transactions. After all, God is seeing everything !”