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Babbar da dhaba

27, Jul 2013 By rofl gujju

Number of media persons raise the question that : RajBabbar spoke Rs.12 from the podium of official spoke person of congress, then how can it the personal thoughts of Raj?

Our thirsty and craving sources found the answer : Congress going to launch First Indigenous fast food chain In india naming : Babbar da Dhaba with Tag line ~ हम देश के लिए “खाते” है !

The main purpose of launching food chain is to show that : There is no inflation in India and price of food products is very lower than the NDA “Raj” !

Mr.Masood will be the MD of it, Mr. Abdullah will be the marketing head of chain and Deepender hooda will be the in charge of Supply. (Ambala can give 24-inch potatoes over FDI in parliament )

Government also give tax exemption to first Indigenous fast food chain (Income tax Act. 1961 for serving food to poor ) and anther area of service will be the contracts of Mid day meal , After Bihar Mid day meal controversy government going to take this decision.

Menu of Babbar da dhaba :-

Rail neer – Rs. 12 MaC Burber – Rs.12 Masood Makhkhani – Rs.5 Aloo Abdullah – Rs. 1 Pappu Pizza – Rs. 2 ( Italian ) Hudda Chips – Free on the order more than Rs.50

~ हम देश के लिए खाते है ~