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Babas keen on getting their ‘practices’ rated

09, Dec 2013 By hyperbole

New Delhi: Several sadhus, saints and babas are showing interest in partnering with BRISIL Ratings to obtain certification in order to standardize their practices, Alex John, Junior Director, BRISIL ratings, has said. “Opening themselves to third-party evaluation is a positive sign indicating to customer satisfaction and faith”, says John.

Providing details about the ratings, John elaborated on the various facets that would be considered while rating the participating babas. “It will be a multi-point agenda focusing on many factors such as the amount of wealth amassed, the number of followers, the ‘quality’ of faith in the followers, the crimes committed, the level to which the crime has been committed, the number of political contacts and the number of retail outlets that they hold”, said John.

Self styled Godmans

Answering a question, John said the revival of the sector is closely related to economic development. This sector attracts billions of donations and investments from domestic as well as international sources. Thus, the sector needs transparency. This move comes after many such babas have been found involved in malpractices in their ‘profession’. The resurgence of the sector is linked to positive sentiments which a stable government can provide.

Such a move is expected to attract FDI in this sector too. Our Faking News correspondent based in New York says that many such saints are considering opening their branches in India after the move. He says, “The baba community has erupted in joy after hearing the news. Some have already starts hiring consultancy companies for the possible expansion.”

Needless to say, this move has gained mixed response from the baba community itself. While those in support have organized DJ parties, those in opposition have staged heavy protests all over India. Talking exclusively to Faking News, Swami Aboveananda, who is opposing the move said,” This is a conspiracy against me and my fellow mates in order to hamper our new venture, Karma Kalank-IT, a mean to link our Karmas with the power of Information Technology, which has drawn billions of rupees from investors.”

With the faith of millions of followers at stake, the declaration of the ratings would be much awaited.