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Baba Ramdev challenges Sunny Leone for showing power of Yoga

19, Jan 2017 By The Dalai Dose

India: Baba Ramdev seems to be on a mission to showcase the power of Yoga to the world. During the Agenda Aaj Tak Conclave 2016, he outclassed Bollywood star Ranveer Singh by his awesome Yoga moves. In a recent development, he also challenged 2008 wrestling Olympic silver medalist Andriy Stadnik for a wrestling match in the 2017 Pro-wrestling league and defeated him 12-0 in a friendly promotional bout. In the past, he also impressed Indian wrestler Sushil Kumar by challenging him to a match.

But Baba does not seem to be satisfied with this much. This time he has challenged talented Bollywood actress Sunny Leone for showing the power and stamina of yoga. When asked on what exactly is the challenge, Baba mischievously blinked his eye to our reporter in his usual style and smiled but did not disclose anything.

The nation seems to be divided in their support for this epic challenge. Surprisingly, even yoga enthusiasts seems to be supporting Sunny Leone. When asked the reason, one of them, Munna Muthal said, “I respect Baba. I have been practicing the Yoga steps taught by him from the past few years. But I have learnt more from Sunny Bhabhi right from my childhood days. In fact, I have grown up with her. So my support will always be for Sunny Bhabhi.”

There are reports also coming in that even Asaram Bapu has enquired the jail authorities if he can be allowed to participate in such challenges and competitions as he has prior rich experience of the same. Though it is still unclear on what kind of experience Asaram was referring to.