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Azam Khan's buffaloes given VIP status

05, Feb 2014 By sportstadkakk

Following the tragic incidence that took place few days ago in Rampur where UP minister Azam Khan’s buffalos were lost for sometime causing havoc in UP police department, the Akhilesh Yadav led Samajwadi Party has decided to give VIP status to the buffaloes.

VIP buffaloes
VIP buffaloes

Thus, the 7 precious buffaloes will now be given Z security. There fodder would also be checked before being fed to them and 2 constables of Muzzafarnagar will now be doing permanent duty at their Tabela to make sure that such kind of tragic incident doesn’t happen again!

In addition to this, Azam Khan has also requested Mulayam Singh Yadav to consider two of the buffaloes, viz Fatima and Benazir (as the buffalos are secular) for the upcoming Lok Sabha Election to counter Modi.

When Faking News reporter contacted Mulayam Singh regarding the same, the SP supremo said something but unfortunately the reporter couldn’t understand a word, so he went to Azam Khan instead.

“Why not??” said Azam Khan. “We as a party don’t discriminate based on cast, creed or species.  We are seriously considering giving seats to those two buffaloes. If Mayawati can participate in elections, then buffaloes should get a fair chance. That’s our party’s motto.”

When asked that how will they perform their tasks as Lok Sabha MP? Azam suddenly started laughing as if the reporter had cracked a joke! In other reports which are coming in, two of the other buffaloes Vidya and Sonakshi (with no reference to any bollywood actress) will now be going on a study tour!

Meanwhile, Arvind Kejriwal has asked for an SIT probe to look into the matter. Rahul Gandhi has meanwhile said as women (referring to buffaloes in this case) are not empowered in UP  so we are hearing of such incidences.

Few kilometers away, one more of the riot victims has died. When police was asked about it, they said no FIR has been issued as police was busy in finding the dirty fellow who sat on the buffalo!