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Azam Khan's buffaloes found instigating the Buffaloes of Maharashtra

31, Mar 2015 By khakshar

Maharashtra: Maharashtra may soon be seeing a shortage of milk and diary products. The reason may be the tripartite dispute between the cows, their owners and the police. A new facet of beef ban has come into picture. Though liberals would like us to believe that the  shortage of milk  may be related to the Maharashtra Animal Preservation (Amendment) Act.

Cow posing for photography
Cow posing for photography

Some local police station in Maharashtra  has now asked for all cow owners to submit the photograph of each and every cow and bullock. Mr.DharPakad a senior DCP of Maharashtra Police told that it was for their own record and for the reference in order to enforce Maharashtra Animal Preservation (Amendment) Act.

The owners are confused . Many have reported that some of the cows are refusing to be milked till they are photographed properly. Some bullocks have insisted on selfie . Meanwhile a Bhaiyya Ji in Nagpur has submitted seventeen photographs of the single cow he owned. He has claimed that the rest sixteen have been stolen. He wants police and administration to compensate him for loss of sixteen others.

Meanwhile the more milch buffaloes have also formed a union . They are protesting against the discrimination on photography . After the new amendment distinguishing between cows and buffaloes, the Police diktat is derogatory, mooed Phulwatiya. Phulwati is the the prized possession of another Bhaiyya Ji in Malegaon.

It’s rumored that Azam Khan’s buffaloes are instigating the buffaloes in Maharashtra. Briefcases with brooms, pen and a letter filled with couplets “Shero-Shayari” have been recovered.