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Autowala returns forgotten bag, wife beat the hell out of him

23, Jul 2014 By stupidrafi

Auto driver Chaman was all news when he returned a forgotten women purse in the police station. He went back to his home only to get trashed by his wife. As soon as he reached home his wife trashed him with just used Jhadoo, and started throwing all bagonas, khatori at him. Wise man Chaman felt the intensity and fled the spot.

Faking news reporter Pranab Goswami got furious and went to Chaman’s residence to question why he was beaten for such humane act. Just as he got down form OB van, Pranab goswami was shouting “Nation wants to know”, “nation wants to know”, but soon was abused by angry locals and realized that he is not in studio, kept control on himself.

Angry weeping wife said,  “kamina, barbad kar diya…bhagavan aise mouka bar bar nahi dega, jab mila to uska faida uthana chahiye tha.” Fellow auto drivers were seen muttering not mentionable words, They haven’t seen such ridiculous act in years, sab ka muh kala kardiya.

Shabbir bhai, who deliberately took the mike and said, “ye chaman mere pass se hazar rupay interest pe liya…but dene me kuch interest hi nahi dikhara hi….” Padosan aunty kavita who came out after getting ready for two hrs, came near camera adjusting her hair and said… chaman took 7 cups of sugar and three cups of curd saying “dahi jamane ke liye”, but never returned back.

After kavitha, samne ghar ki bahu saritha, piche dhukanwali mamatha making similar claims, intervened kamal khan said he borrowed char gutka, and one chota gold flake but never bought him back.

He even borrow tooth paste every day, Khali me hero bana rakha hei media walone…said ramesh, who doesn’t seem to have brushed since a week.

Chaman who feared to return his residence, went to nearest photostudio, got a passport for himself and tried to escape from the country, but was soon taken into custody by airport police.

Chaman who later confessed to police that he returned it because she was pretty and want to impress and even thought of marrying her.