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Author puts book on hold as his mother and wife fight for dedication

03, Jul 2014 By dhumchick

In a strange turn of events, a first time novelist has put his book on hold as he could not decide the person to whom he should dedicate it to.

The author – who happens to be an IITian and who did not want to be identified for obvious reasons – told us that he had taken a break from his well paying software job to write this book. And if the book didn’t get published and made the money he expected it to – he would have to return to his exceedingly boring job to pay his home loan EMIs.

His mother was furious too. “Why can’t I get an exclusive dedication for this book? I have sacrificed every little pleasure since he was born. I worked harder than him on his studies. I stayed with him in Kota for 2 years away from regular life to make him qualify for IIT. And I don’t even have the right to be named in his book?”.

His father refused to comment saying he didn’t know much about what his family was upto as he was mostly away on sales trips.

His wife agreed to speak to us after repeated calls and had this to add to the story, “His mother did a lot for him as every parent does. But with all due respect  – that’s the past. Since the day he took the break – I have been working like a dog (I can’t say bitch of course) to pay our bills apart from taking care of our kid as my husband wants no distraction whatsoever in his creative pursuits. And now that he is about to dedicate it to me – I don’t feel like sharing it with anyone.”
The publisher was unavailable for comments.