Monday, 19th March, 2018

Asked to protect Vadra from 'Mango Bites', Authorities mistakenly seize Parle's Mango Bites

15, Oct 2012 By Zivago Dolittle

In a bizarre turn of events, authorities have seized and recalled Parle’s Mango Bites and stalled the sale of the same in markets until further notice. What is bizarre about the whole incident is the sequence of events that led to it.

It is learnt that after having deleted his FB account over the ‘Mango People’ comment, Vadra was sitting sullen over the Lunch Table when Rahul Baba asked him as to what had ‘bitten him’. When Vadra replied that ‘Mango People’ had stinged him, Rahul Baba expressed desire that all the bites of Mango People be recalled and withdrawn since he wanted to see his bro-in-law smiling again.

The closest psycho-phants (psychologically sick people to the extent of acute sycophancy) of Gandhi Family with their unfaltering belief in wisdom of Rahul Baba really believed that bites can be withdrawn. In a hurry to appease and please they all communicated to the Government Authorities that the First Family wants the Mango Bites to be withdrawn. The Government Ministers, in their own enthusiasm, about pleasing and appeasing their Political Masters immediately proceeded overnight to withdraw Mango-Bite toffees from the market.

Meanwhile, Rahul Baba woke up to a rude shock on Sunday Morning when his Nanny refused to offer him any Mango Bites as a Good Morning Present. Upon being told that his favorite Mango Bite toffees had been recalled as per his wishes, he asserted that he had absolutely no memory of having given that order. Meanwhile, Baba has decided to sit on a pen-down strike until he is fed Mango Bite toffees and refused to go to Parliament until such time that this issue is resolved.

This has reportedly put Government in a fix that how can they recall Mango Bites for the Aam Aadmi and continue to provide access to the same to Rahul Baba.