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Asked to do homework on GoodFriday, student accuses that his school is communal

10, Apr 2015 By shridhar

New Delhi: Drama gripped a school in Delhi after one student accused it of being communal. Student was asked to complete homework assigned to him. This meant he had to study on GoodFriday. Student said his faith did not allow him to do so. Protests were held against the school by some religious organizations.

Student wrote a letter to the principal of the school stating that no homework should be given to students on holidays of religious significance. He wrote,“I always thought that our school is a secular one. I thought it is a safe haven for those students who have been persecuted by homework on holidays across the globe. I am totally dejected today that homework has been assigned to me on such an auspicious and sacred day.”

He also wrote,“We used to get 2 weeks holidays for Christmas, it has been reduced to only 9 days now. There has been a trend in the past few years where students have been made to study on religious holidays. I see that this trend is picking up. Being a secular person I thought it was my responsibility to bring up this issue. I know the homework assigned to me cannot be canceled now. Being a guardian of Indian secularism, with utmost respect I am telling you that I can’t complete the homework. Only, since I see institutions like our school which are bound to protect secular values and ethos are drifting away from these core principles, I thought that putting my concerns in writing has become necessary.”

The principal of the school was completely clueless. He said, “We have been assigning homework on all religious holidays. Nobody had ever complained about it. Last year we assigned a week’s homework in 3 days Diwali holidays. No child complained about it. I am really perplexed”.