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Ashutosh to star in Spelling Bee India

24, Mar 2014 By khakshar

The ever smiling AAP spokesperson who is contesting General Election 2014 from Chandni Chowk has reasons to smile further.

Ready to rock
Ready to rock

His escape on a scooter from “Hostile” paid public near about Chandni Chowk has been televised by a so called “Paid TV Channel” umpteenth time in the day.

The enigmatic leader has a new opportunity in case of his loss in Elections. It seems evident that no media house will entertain him as a TV anchor with his famous or infamous  “Paid-Media” tag.

The show will be called “Innovative Spell Bee “.  It shall be like a movement for school students to cultivate and nurture their thirst for language specific knowledge. Spell Bee International promises to make learning a joyful and equally productive venture along with Ashutosh. It will be a different module than the regular Spelling Competition  and will be telecast live.

The sole Judge will be of course Ashutosh and Sahid Kapoor will be the anchor. Meanwhile it is learnt that the old TV anchor is unhappy that he is only the Judge and wants to be anchor too.