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Asaram's son releases new statement, says Asaram Bapu is a juvenile

31, Aug 2013 By Anil Sharma

Bhopal: After attacking the media persons earlier today, now Asaram’s son, Narayan Sai has released a new statement claiming that Asaram Bapu is a juvenile.

“Why the Jodhpur Police is going mad? Don’t they know that Asaram Bapu is just a juvenile?,” Narayan Sai said while addressing the reporters.

Bapu's juvenile expression.
Bapu’s juvenile expression.

Although the reporters were terrified in the conference as they were surrounded by Asaram’s followers.

“I have the proofs. I can prove that Asaram Bapu is 17 years and 364 days old. He should not be treated like criminals as he is just a cute kid who doesn’t have a brain capable enough for decision-making, ” Narayan Sai added.

When asked about the proofs, Narayan Sai showed Asaram’s 5th standard report card according to which Asaram is not an adult.

According to the experts, this idea is fresh and Asaram might avoid the imminent arrest using this gimmick.

“Calling in sick, can’t envisage the police due to relative’s death, calling the victim mentally disabled, sudden chest pain and beating the shit out of media persons are all old gimmicks and are not convincing enough nowadays. Asaram tried them all but this one is a great idea and Asaram might avoid the arrest as well as the punishment even if he does not have a concrete defense, ” a famous criminal attorney told Faking News.

Asaram is fooling the Jodhpur Cops since last three days and he is flying all over India refusing to confront the police.

When asked why Asaram is running away, Narayan Sai said, “He can fly wherever and whenever he wants, do not forget that he is godman oops godkid.”

When a reporter from Faking News asked that calling Asaram a juvenile is stupid and proving him one is an impossible thing, Narayan Sai said “Hehe, nothing is impossible in India, if a person accused for sexual assault by a schoolgirl can roam around freely in the country then anything is possible .”

“We have invited all the Bal Kalyan Samitis of the country, we’re hoping that they arrive before the police,” Nrayan Sai added.