Monday, 19th February, 2018

Asaram Bapu to start a Masala brand after getting inspired from MDH Masala owner’s success story

18, May 2015 By HARSH DOLIA

After Balman Khan and Jayalita’s freedom, pretty optimistic about his punishment to be suspended, Asaram bapu in an interview with our reporter announced his future plans which also included start of a “Masala brand” namely “Bapu’s Dhamaal”.

“I was stunned after listening the success story of MDH Masala’s owner. His story was an inspiration with which I will fulfill my aspiration. I have also decided that I will only feature in the advertisements. My passport size photo with a smile and orange turban will be posted on its packets”, said Asaram to our reporter. One of his disciple said, “Asaram Bapu has always throughout his life only thought of poor Indian people who cannot afford costly things. And so they have decided to start a new Masala brand which will have all types of Masala at very cheap rates. Asaram Bapu will make life of common people very sexsexful (ohh sorry successful).”

When this news came out, Baba Aramdev was busy in Ramleela Maidan. But as soon as he heard the news, he ran out in a one piece dress as he felt the competition to be tough for his brand “Ratanjali”. He has lodged an official complaint with the Competition Commission of India. MDH’s owner who is getting younger day by day said that Asaram can only borrow my idea but his brand cannot be as famous as mine since I am still going to live for minimum 50 years during which I will bring new ideas and throw Bapu’s brand out of market.

After listening to all this, Bapu has decided that he will give free CDs of his (word edited) with every packet of his Masala. He said that, “after eating our spices, people’s stomach will be healthy. Along with it after watching my (word edited) in the CD, people will learn new techniques to do and their private parts will be healthy. I will make life of people sexsexful (ohh sorry successful)”

Now faking news is only hoping that “Bapu’s Dhamaal” should make life of people sexsexful (ohh sorry successful).