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Arvind Kejriwal to expose Aam Aadmi in his next Conference!

21, Nov 2012 By moga

It seems that the random-name-selector machine at Arvind Kejriwal’s Office has thrown the slip with the name “Aam Aadmi’ on it, reliable source have reported. Almost everybody is surprised by the news so much so that few have dubbed it a faking news.

Reports have been pouring in from last few days that Kejriwal was furious over the attitude of Aam Aadmi. In last meeting at IAC’s headquarters, someone had asked whether aam aadmi (AA) is really so stupid or he just pretends to be so? Most of the time was spent on pondering over how AA always end up voting for the same party every alternate elections when he knows the party is not going to do anything. Kejriwal had then pointed out not to underestimate aam aadmi for he could be stupid beyond wild imaginations.

When FN contacted AA, he surprised us with his intelligence, “All these allegations on us are baseless. We have a few choices in elections. The situation is like asking a chicken what to make of him? Tandoori chicken or Butter chicken? No matter whatever it chooses, it is gonna end up inside the big belly of a fat customer.”

Former Haryana CM, Om Prakash Chautala (of Child Marriage fame) questioned Kejriwal’s (mis)understandig of the nature of Indian voters. “People here don’t want clean roads, un-bribable officers or gender equality. They only think they need all these because you are saying so every other night on TV. What they really want are the reservations, jobs for their relatives and free beer (especially during elections). And they vote for those who provides them with all these necessities.” “Kejriwal just doesn’t get it” he added in the Obama-esque style.

A senior congress leader also criticized Kejriwal’s latest ‘stunt’ on the record and explained off the record (on condition of anonymity) the mantra that has kept Congress in power from over 50 years. “AA forgets all the adversities of past 5 years when treated well for few days before elections. Public memory is indeed short. And as Einstein pointed out ‘Only 2 things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity and I am not sure about the former’, she winked with an evil smile.

PS: The writer is Arvind K’s BIG fan. 🙂