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Around 50 HR reported missing from Bangalore

02, Nov 2013 By jiten

On the pious eve of festive season around and the controversial leave policies of IT companies, HR are in great demand .

Recently news are getting flashed of some of the HR missing in this festive season. According to the sources , last Friday 3 HR went missing as per the updated information, the last interaction the HR had was in relation of approval of  leave request and according to the sources the conversation didn’t went smooth and later in the evening all the 3 HR went missing .

Same stories have been conveyed to our resources from all over Bangalore and the HR community is under a major threat now. An HR wrote a request letter to the PM asking for double Z  security , he mentioned in his letter employees are coming in his home and first asking politely and if not getting the way they want , throwing stones in the house and then leaving .

Tragic but true story .May god rest all HR in peace .