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Arindham Chaudhari decides to become Maha Mandleshwar

20, Feb 2013 By abhishek99

Arindham Chaudhari has finally decided to become a Maha Mandleshwar from a Professor. He has first decided to go for internship as a baba before presenting his candidature for the much coveted post.

When contacted, he said, “The time has come to think beyond a management guru. I have now reached a level which is beyond the ordinary and so I finally decided to come into this business as there is a lot of tax free money.”

He further said that he has long term plans for becoming a baba and he has alreay started growing beard. He said he is highly impressed with the work of great tycoons like Nirmal baba and is going to take few tips from him. He is also planning to meet Asaram bapu to borrow some of his followers.

When asked about this matter he said, “Asaram bapu’s followers will be very useful in the start. They will carry lathis and stones with them in case people try to go out in the middle of a pravachan.”

He also said that he is soon going to launch the much awaited “Arindham chalisa”. It will be distributed free along with “Arindham dhoti kurtas” at the time of admission in Arindham ashram.

He seemed greatly pleased with the Arindham chalisa composed by a fan and is planning to launch audio CDs of it. He is willing to take himesh as composer and baba Sehgal as lead singer as he already has baba in his name.

He also has some plans for the future and is finalising some guest lectures by baba ramdev. He is also planning a bhakt exchange program with swami Nityanand. He suddenly became wild when we questioned his choice of Swami Nityanand for the exchange program.

When asked about future of IIPM he said- “IIPM will continue to grow with my kripa and in no time you will see our students competing with Howard.”

He is also starting a 5 year integrated course of Bachelor in Babagiri and Masters degree in the same.