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Arindam to DoT: In spectrum of scams anyone can be Raja

16, Feb 2013 By Ishan Bhatkoti

NEW DELHI: DoT, on February 16, went on a URL blocking spree after DoT officials had a comfortable ‘hi-tea’ session in the perfect chilly weather with Arindam Choudhari.

Apparently, the only available and working URL related to IIPM seems to be that of the IIPM website ( itself. According to our sources, the DoT officials took some management tips and lessons during the ‘hi-tea’ and were also made aware of the fact that telecom sector in India is a gold mine and in the spectrum of scams anyone can become a “Raja”.

Later, a DoT official, on condition of anonymity, said, “Even though Ari (nickname) is all nuts he is paid Wallnuts and we, who chose ‘sarkari naukri’ are paid peanuts. So, many of us thought it’s better to pursue MBA and raise our living standards and no one better than him could help us.”

He also added, “Instead of paying him fees he just asked us to pull IIPM related URLs and we did it except for his website, so that you can buy a free prospectus and remain bankrupt for rest of your life.”

Arindam was not available for comment immediately, however, later he replied to the email. Arindam replied, “It’s proven now that I am a smart aleck in an annoying sort of way. I used my management skills and combined different aspects of hacking, bribing and education in perfect harmony and got IIPM an international exposure and that is what the website says. UGC is like a boss. They let me setup the institute but gave me a status of ‘fake’ and you cannot be fond of such bosses anyway.”

UGC couldn’t be reached for comment and DoT is yet to issue any official statement on the “Hi-tea”.