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Arindam Chaudhuri to launch 10 new IIPMs to counter 5 new IITs and IIMs

30, Jul 2014 By viveks

Arindam Chaudhuri, the renowned dare-consultant has announced today that he would launch 10 new IIPM campuses across the globe to maintain the dare of thinking beyond IIMs and IITs.

“Yes, I can”

Mr. Chaudhuri, who is also an author of IIPM bestseller count your chicken before they hatch, said that with increasing number of IITs and IIMs there would be more students who need to think beyond them and hence this is need of the hour. In his press briefing he said, “Its game on now,” when asked if he has any message for HRD minister Ms. Irani.

Our sources said that IIPM is also planning a major expansion this year and will expanding its portfolio. The leadership of the institution is working under able guidance of Mr. Chaudhuri to realize his next dare target with caption – Dare to think beyond AIIMS.

The Institute IIPM which has been ranked 1 for international exposure by an unknown agency, is believed to be the one whose alums have ideated reality shows like – One who dares wins (UK game show) and I dare you (game show in Philippines).

One alumni on condition of anonymity said that they had the best daring abilities in the world. “Rigorous admission procedure of letting only those entry who could dare and dare big, ensures that they have the best daring talent. Also during entire curriculum there is heavy focus on dare, for example freshmen are taught courses like – daring strategy, marketing a dare, financing your dares and dare optimization. The curriculum has no parallels and no school across the globe has dared to offer any course that is taught at IIPM,” he added further.

Dean of Harvard business school once said IIPM is an institution of international importance as it is a living testimony of the fact that you can dare other people of anything, irrespective of the fact whether it is logical or not.

Harvard also seemed worried by growing footprints of IIPM as they fear that tomorrow Mr. Chaudhuri might come up with “dare to think beyond Harvard” campaign.

Mr. Chaudhuri when contacted on the matter said with sheepish smile, Harvard should not worry for another few years as government’s announcement to open new IIMs and IITs have pushed back his plans by few years. It can be concluded that Harvard is the biggest beneficiary of Ms. Irani’s announcement to open 5 new IIMs and IITs and IIPM is up for all challenges.