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Arindam Chaudhuri claims Ankit Fadia is an IIPM alumnus

27, Feb 2013 By smartovi

New Delhi. Ankit Fadia, an ethical hacker working in many companies around the globe, failed to hack a webpage critical of him in the Forbes Magazine and now finds himself in news, something he normally enjoys. According to Forbes claims that Fadia is not a hacker and he is only a skiddie.

Ankit Fadia
Ankit Fadia, when not hacking anything

However, we have come to know that he’s also an IIPM alumnus.

In a special interview with Faking News, IIPM Dean Arindam Chaudhuri claimed that Fadia studied at his college and not at Stanford University as he claims. He completed his Post Graduate Diploma in Hacking and False Claiming (PGDHFC) from IIPM, the one and only type of PG diploma available anywhere in the world, hence IIPM being number one at that.

He further added that IIPM provided him degree too but Ankit failed to hack the UGC website and add the list of recognised degrees in the approved list.

When Faking News tries to contact with Fadia, he said that it was an achievement for him that Forbes Magazine wrote article on him and he hoped he’d be in their richest Indian list soon, else he’d hack the list.

Meanwhile Mr. Kapil Sibal has reportedly asked Fadia to hack every Twitter account critical of the government.