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Arindam Chaudhari moves to United Nations, appeals against ban of IIPM by courts in India

29, Sep 2014 By manastripathi

He is seething with anger

Miffed with the High Court’s crackdown on IIPM’s alleged MBA program Arindam Chaudhary appealed to UN to ban judiciary in India. Known for his subtle hairstyle and laden with all the necessary management big words the modern day Chanakya stated, “If you see the High Court is not fit to pass judgment on me, because they cannot dare to think beyond IIMs.”

On being asked on the HC’s verdict that IIPM’s degree cannot be called an MBA he said, “Well I have said this to my students, I have written this in books and I will say it again, If you think you are, you are right, so if the students think they are MBA they are right, that is my simple mantra.”

“Tell me this if my students are not MBAs how they can know phrases like, target demographic, market cap etc.” He opined that some students even used jargon corporate phrases like “Matter ho gaya boss” , “Sure, I will get back to you” , “Let’s take it up offline” etc.

Chaudhary stated that it was clearly a biased decision by the court, and he demands complete banning of the courts that fail to see beyond IIM. He also confirmed that he is not living in a parallel universe.