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Area man fined upon obeying traffic signals

30, Jul 2015 By Ajeeb Ladka

Pune. An IT professional was fined by a Thola or Thulla (traffic police Hawaldars recently named by MR. Kejriwal) for obeying traffic signals.

“Look at me! Am I following any rule while crossing the street? Don’t spoils all your traffic (non)sense because of bloody rain.”: The Thulla

Bechara Kumar, an employee of Bearclaws Technolgies was driving with a heavy heart thinking “meri kaise kaise lega manager appraisal ke din” and was unintentionally obeying signals on Nagar Road, Pune. Noticed by one of the efficient Tholajis enjoying Paan on roadside Tapri, was made to park his car on middle of road to pay Rs. 1000 as fine. On argument, Bechara Kumar was informed that he was not supposed to follow traffic lights as stopping on RED light makes other people stop too, causing a smooth flowing traffic on a rainy day. (Bhau, sab sahi se chalega to mera ghar kaise chalega, he quoted!).

On interacting with Thola ji, our correspondent was blown away with his concept of having controlled traffic by human mind and reflex actions than trusting on electronic machines as machines can take up our world any day and looking at age & health condition of Arnold, Terminator will never say “I’ll be back” as efficient to save us thus, taking under self control he mentioned. Walking away with a sarcastic smile towards one more machine controlled driver he turned and said, ” I WILL BE BACK…. as at the end of the day money does matter “.