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Application form for suspension of IAS officers in UP put online

02, Aug 2013 By trishanku

Incensed by the temerity of UP IAS officer’s association in protesting against the suspension of a young IAS officer, the UP home Minister has asked his department to put on their website an application form seeking suspension of any IAS officer in the state. Henceforth any citizen of UP can move a request for suspension of any bureaucrat though the local MLA / MP or the district President of the ruling party. Inquiry would be initiated on the request immediately and decision would be taken within a fortnight.

Speaking to reporters the Minister defended the suspension of the audacious officer and chided the media for supporting her case: ‘What does she think herself to be? She is taking her communal name seriously? How can the media question government’s action? In fact she deserves to be in jail for creating conditions which might have possibly harmed the communal harmony. When Advaniji was jailed by Laluji for similar reason all of you applauded and now you are protesting, and bringing extraneous issues like Yamuna sand and all that nonsense.

Every citizen of UP will now have an opportunity to identify such errant officers and put up an application seeking their suspension. UP will be the first state in India to introduce such decentralization of powers; a true bhagidari unlike the sham introduced by the Congress government in Delhi. We expect the media to take positive note of this novel feature otherwise …… we will extend this to journalists too.

The opposition parties are stumped by this decision. Most of their MLAs and MPs support this extremely lucrative proposition and are thankful to the senior minister of UP government for suggesting openly: ‘ Ram naam ki loot hai, loot sake to loot’ . However, to keep up their pretense, they have opposed the move to include district presidents of the ruling party at par with them in ‘forwarding’ the applications of the citizens.

Union Home Minister has promised to look into the legality of this decision within a year after detailed consultations with the High Command.