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Anti Smoking ad before movies boosts Tobacco Sales

29, Aug 2013 By Chandan Pansari

Mumbai.  The government is considering banning the Anti Smoking ad before movies post the track conducted by an independent audit body revealed that the anti smoking campaign actually increased cigarette sales by 26% in the last fiscal year.

The detailed study reveals that the campaign which was launched to stop tobacco usage has on the contrary increased tobacco consumption by 15% and increased penetration of tobacco among non users by 8%. Mr. Ronil D’souza who led the study said that after speaking to several consumers who were exposed to the campaign we realized that after seeing the horrendous graphics in the ads before movies, smokers needed a smoke to get over what they had just seen on screen.

Mr D’souza also revealed that non smokers who too being horrified by the ad visuals before movies relied on their smoker friends and took to cigarettes to get over the disgusting visuals. Sources told our correspondent that the director of the anti smoking campaign who was a non smoker all his life has now been divorced by his wife because of his sudden chain smoking fancy picked during the editing of the ad.

Hearing of the government’s decision to ban the ad the Tobacco Industries association of India have called a bandh on Monday, September 2nd to protest the move. Mr. Tobaccowala, president of the association said “We were expecting our government to be responsible and launch many more anti smoking campaigns like the current one. We will lobby with the highest authority to ensure that the campaign continues.”

The government’s decision was also criticized by the Film Director’s Association. Speaking at a special press conference organized at ITC Maratha, Rajkumar Santoshi said “We film makers will now be allowed 2 more minutes of content to replace the compulsory anti smoking ad and are not sure how to fill this void in our cinema.”

We also tried to trace the story of Mukesh, the lead protagonist of the film but could not find much apart the engravings on his grave which read “Sab ki Keh ke loonga.”