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Ant commits suicide by eating chemically treated mango

18, Jun 2014 By Pratik Purohit

Chiti Nagar: You may often hear about suicides in human society due to personal problems. But reports of suicidal act by an ant here shocked and surprised entire world including ants society themselves.

According to reliable source living in same ant colony, Cheenu took this extreme and unexpected decision after her parents did not give permission for night-out with her friends from neighboring ant colony.

Lifeless body of Cheenu

“We did not allow her because our neighbours are non-vegetarian, they often block path of innocent insects and kill them. I didn’t want my daughter to go out with such cruel ants who took others life to fill their stomach,” said sad father of Cheenu while he was trying to wipe tears of his wife through his tiny antennas. Although neighbouring ants denied that they were cruel. “We too have soft and caring heart inside our body,” argued an ant while eating leg piece of freshly hunted bug.

Cheenu’s parents warned her to keep away from sweet but poisonous chemically treated mangoes. But ironically she used same way to commit suicide.

Although people who daily kills dozens of ants were unaffected from news but scientist and experts raise their concern. “Chemicals like Calcium carbide which are illegally used to ripe mangoes in less time, are slow poison for human body but we were unaware about their effects on animals. But it is now clear that, a slow poison for us, can cause instant death to small and little ant,” observed a expert from incident.

When Faking News reporter asked for advice for readers to avoid such mangoes, “One should not judge a book just by its cover” replied philosophically a expert, referring to color richness and shining of chemically treated mangoes.