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Another politician, another statement on why rapes happen in India

20, Jan 2013 By fakerguru

An unknown politician from an unknown political outfit has created a stir and his party is suddenly in the limelight. Mr.Deepshi.T from Grass Roots party has made a shocking statement and overnight made his party known to the country.

He said that, “See in India women are very beautiful and every Indian woman is very beautiful. If you go from Kanyakumari to Kashmir you will find different type of women. But everybody is beautiful. Hence it is natural that men are attracted to them. And since women are very beautiful, men cannot control and hence we have many rapes in this country. If you go to China/Japan etc for example, women are not beautiful hence rape is very less.”

When questioned about USA and UK where women are beautiful, he said, “You need to ask the men there. May be they are impotent.”

When asked about the solution to the problem, he said, “Solution, solution. What is solution? Can we have ugly women in this country? No. So where is solution?”. When asked if western clothes were a problem, he said, “What western clothes, ask all the men in India, they think saree is the best dress for a woman. They look very beautiful in it. If you do the survey, the next best answer you will get is salwar kameez. What western dress? It is not a problem. See even in burkha, you can see beautiful eyes of Indian woman. It attracts men. Problem is inherent beauty of Indian woman. You cannot take that away!”

The women in India are split and don’t know whether to take it as a compliment or express outrage at these comments. The buzz on twitter was indicative of this split and there are two contradictory hash tags that are trending #beautifulindianwomen and #stupidpoilticians. While @sagarikaghose says that it a conspiracy of Internet Hindus to divide women, politicians across parties have downright criticized the statement and said they have no affiliation in any way to party in question.

The common Indian man agrees that Indian women are beautiful but is still confused and unable to confirm whether beauty is the reason for rapes. The introspection continues.

This has caused an international row as well. The Indian ambassadors in USA, UK, China and Japan were called in by the foreign ministries of the countries and strictly reprimanded. The countries have said that such irresponsible statements should be avoided at all costs. China’s most popular newspaper controlled by the Chinese government has written that Arunachal Pradesh is a part of China and so are its beautiful women.