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Animals demand Right to Sex publicly

03, Aug 2013 By Crazy intellectual

New Delhi. A new controversy is thriving in our incredible India. Our beloved animals are demanding a new right to be introduced in Indian Constitution. It is related to their sex life . Across the country ,the animals have raised their voice for the Animal right to sex publicly.

Initially started by group  of monkeys called “galta gang” in paharganj, Delhi, the movement has its positive effect all over the country. “It is really hurtful to us. We don’t have homes surrounded by bricks. These Roads ,Markets are our houses. we want to raise our family but while we are having sex , people start throwing stones at us  and interrupts our fun. God Knows why.” told madari, the leader of  galta gang to the faking news reporter.

When our faking news reporter asked them if they try their practice in crowd less area where they will not be disturbed, madani (wife of madari) asked our reporter to mention less crowded places in Delhi and busted on our reporter “Every place on this earth is ours, we don’t believe in discrimination. ” The panic has stricken our beloved  government  as they don’t know how to react to sudden situation.

“We want  strict policies to be introduced in the law.”  said the rooombha ,a female gorrila who claimed that some perverts spoiled her marriage.” Last month, me and my hubby were mating, we are so much in ourselves but then my husband saw four perverts making our MMS, he seems shocked and depressed after that and we didn’t have sex after that” told a depressed roombha with tears in her eyes which melted our reporter. She continued “So, the rules should be made that no such activities in future takes place. I don’t want some perverts spoiling another marriage.”

Crazy-intellectual when asked a shopkeeper of Karol Bagh market about interfering in the  sex life of animal, he hesitantly told our reporter ” Sex is a taboo. It is bad. We are not shameless. We are civilized people not like those filthy animals. The law should not be passed and we believe Shiv Sena and RSS   will take care of it.”  None of the government officials have talked to our reporters on regarding matter and they are literally avoiding the matter.