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Animal activist dies of dengue after she refused to kill the mosquito biting her citing animal cruelty

11, Jan 2016 By Hemant Bijapurkar

New Delhi: In an act that is being dubbed as a supreme sacrifice by many, an animal rights activist died of dengue yesterday after she refused to kill the mosquito biting her citing animal cruelty. She reportedly got bitten about a week back while she was giving a speech about animal welfare and kindness.

Activist's last photo with the animal she saved
Activist’s last photo with the animal she saved. She pampered it generously.

We spoke to her comrade in arms a certain Ms Sheetal Mukherjea, “Its such a devastating news for us all, she was such a moral support for us when we used to carry out vigilante justice whenever we heard any rumour about any animal being harmed. Though we didn’t pay heed to her when she urged us to stop cow slaughter as we all felt it was necessary to maintain the moral fabric of our nation. She was the one who converted us into vegans saying how could we eat the animals we are fighting to save”.

Wiping her tears she continues, “So coming to that fatal day, she was giving a talk about animal welfare when a mosquito started hovering over her arm sizing its prey, she kept shooing it away but he kept coming back and then started biting her but she was unable to do anything. Then our 2 hitmen whom we employ to do the dirty work like killing cockroaches, house lizards etc rushed towards her and started asking permission to blow the mosquito’s brains off. She just had to say yes and all this would have been avoided, but no she burst into tears instead saying she would rather die than be called a hypocrite. That was it, she was diagnosed with dengue and died a week later. This has happened due to the complete failure of law and order under the Modi government where even deadly mosquitoes are flying scot free. Hope the courts will act and dismiss this intolerant government!”

All animal rights activists have now been advised to wear mosquito nets while outside to avoid such incidents in the future.