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Angry at being denied reservation while booking tickets on IRCTC, Jat youth burns USB buses of laptop

23, Feb 2016 By psych0bar0n

Rohtak: In a shocking incident, an angry Jat youth named Pappu Pehelwan burnt his laptop’s USB buses after being unable to get reserved seats for his train journey. The incident happened in the town of Fried’abad, Hoaryana around 10 AM on Sunday.

“I had been logging into IRCTC since 3 days to book my tickets but because I am a poor, helpless Jat, the railways has been ignoring me so I decided to teach IRCTC a lesson”, said Pappu. Inspired by his friend Akash Punkhla, who had successfully burnt 4 Haryana Roadways buses, and become a celebrity; Pappu poured petrol and burnt all the buses of his laptop’s motherboard.

No reservation for me? Won't spare you!
No reservation for me? Won’t spare you!

According to his mother Aagbabula Devi, Pappu had been trying hard since 2-3 days to get a ticket to Rewari so that he could provide support to his agitating Jat brethren by burning some public property, but he always kept getting wait listed tickets. “In our community, guys don’t get good girls in marriage until they have burnt a few buses or uprooted some railway tracks, Pappu will surely get a sundar susheel chorri now”, said Aagbabula.

Pappu’s father Chappu Pehelwan said his son had made him proud, “My neighbors’ sons had all participated in burning public property and I was ashamed that my Pappu can’t even burn a bus but now he has made the biraadri proud, yo maara chora se“, said an emotional Chappu before driving away in his imported Pajero.

Meanwhile various political parties and their leaders have come out in support of Pappu. Congress youth icon Rahul Gandhi exhorted Jats to boycott IRCTC and instead book train tickets on the KSRTC website. He also threatened to uproot IRCTC’s rails but it later turned out that he was confused about the website’s Ruby-on-Rails framework. AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal has announced that he will sit on a dharna outside IRCTC’s data center till Pappu and his community are guaranteed reservations for passenger and goods trains both. However BJP leader Rajnath Singh said that this was pappu’s way of showing his support to PM Modi’s program, Bake In India.

Last we heard, students of JNU have extended a hand to Pappu with JNU president Lan’haiyya Kumar burning all LAN cables in IRCTC’s office.