Wednesday, 21st March, 2018

Angootha Chaap a merit for the poor

21, Jun 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Illiteracy is no longer curse for the ration card holders. This trait will help them to perceive the new system being enforced by the district supply office. It is after seventy years of independence it has been learnt that only illiterates can be benefited with the ration (wheat, rice and sugar) at the state government’s ration shops.A very electronic system is coming for putting control on anomalies in distribution of the ration. The epos system requires the ration card holders’ thumb impression in the biometric machine. This impression will be matched with the thumb impression of the Aadhaar card and it is only then the ration will be provided.

Being Angootha Chhaap seems to be a brand qualification for the common people. They were diligent that they adopted a great deal of detachment from education for this purpose. If that generation kept their progeny far from the learning process, they were currently fortunately to get the fixed quantities of the grains from the ration shops. It was the boon for them. They used to put their thumb impression in the shopkeepers’ long registers previously and now the similarity of thumb impressions will help them to receive the grains from the ration shops.

As many as 200 shopkeepers have been trained to run the machine diligently in order to match the ration card holders’ thumb impression with perfection. The number of Anthodia card holders comes to 63147 with 255114 units. Out of the total 910 shopkeepers, remaining 690 shopkeepers are yet to be trained. Our jug gad prevails in our arrangements. Were we like the Arabs who brought iceberg from Antarctica and brought cows from foreign lands to tackle milk crisis. They even desired to plan a city on the Mars which might pave way for us to open the ration shops at the red planet.