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An on bench IT engineer wins international table tennis championship

23, Feb 2014 By abhishekpaliwal

In a strange turn of events, India won gold medal in table tennis demolishing chinese dominance , and Indian Olympic Association is demanding FoosBall to be a part of Olympics. The Champion from India is currently on bench in a major IT company.

On bench engineers favourite place inside office campus.
On bench engineers favourite place inside office campus.

This all started when a fresher from IT industry being on bench start practicing table tennis and thus become a champion, this former java champion in last 5 year with only experience of Table Tennis has made sports his full time occupation while remaining on roll and being payed from Tinfosys.

When we questioned Hr, he said “We too are surprised that Rakesh Mohan is working in our Company and now extremely proud of him . He will be motivation for all others on Bench.”

By viewing other companies with space constraint, as they can afford only Foosball, IOA is demanding Foosball to be part of Olympic.

IOA chairman quoted: “With that many Foosball tables in IT companies all over country we are full of champions “

In a study we found the total area covered by these Foosball tables is larger than, whole football fields in Europe. If these event of Foosball get sponsors and get broadcasted they can give hard time to EPL.

In an Interview with Rakesh mohan, he said “Initially I was quite depressed to be on bench being a java professional, then I met my coach who himself is surprisingly a Dotnet professional with 10 yr experience of bench. His dedication on TT table inspired me, one day on TT table while discussing polymorphism and encapsulation I got to know many thing about table tennis.”

“There are many professionals who got this opportunity to follow there passion , there are bloggers, authors, Foosball champions, real estate specialist. Sometimes I feel more talented people could be found in bench area than in development.”

We met another IT professional with 7 yr of experience of bench, he is successfully running a tea shop outside the same company. When asked about his story he said, “I am still on bench and I receive my salary on 30th of each month. One day while on bench with all those cigarettes and tea, we realized that tea stall owner Shyam generates more revenue then most of our Project Managers. So we decided to start this stall and now we are expanding to other IT majors and small ventures.”

By getting impressed from Rakesh Mohan’s success even BCCI has asked Dhoni to put Ishant Sharma on bench. Strong message has been sent to Munaf Patel, Nehra, RP singh who are on bench since long time to go under training and change there skill set.

Munaf patel is now official water boy, taking training from Dinesh Kartik who will replace Project manager Dhoni due to onsite failure. Sources say Dhoni himself opted for bench by viewing the major Indian Project IPL in the pipeline.

Congress has decided to put Kalmadi back on bench and has asked him to perform knowledge transfer with new budding politicians, to perform a perfect scam without any bugs and issues.

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