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An on bench IT engineer gets a project after 2 years and he resigns

04, Dec 2013 By Preetam Adwani

A 24-year-old engineer Abhijit Pande resigned from an IT giant Infomiss as soon as he got allocated to a project by the resource management group (RMG).

Abhijit even designed clothes for on bench employees.
Abhijit even designed clothes for on bench employees.

For 2 years, Abhijit was on bench. A year back, he even raised his concerns and requested for allocation to a project. A week back, when he finally got an email from RMG about project allocation, he resigned by replied back to the email – “Just 2 words – I quit”. He also forwarded the same resignation mail to HR and his new project manager. This is the shortest resignation email in the history of Infomiss.

For 2 days, Faking news failed to find Abhijit in the Infomiss premises who is on his notice period. Few of his close friends informed Faking news that Infomiss requires 9 hours of presence in office. Therefore Abhijit comes to office at 9 AM for card swipe in, goes back and lives his life and comes back like a king at 6PM just to swipe out.

Reacting to the information, Faking news finally caught up with Abhijit around 6 PM on the third day of his notice period when he had returned to office for swiping his card. He was accompanied with his on bench friend Vinay.

“The company is not employee friendly, they never listen to employees”, said Abhijit as one of his primary reason for quitting his job.

“I joined Infomiss 2 years back as a fresher and was put on bench. They promised me a project soon but I didn’t get it for long. I got tired of killing time. A year back, out of frustration, I sent my 1st professional email requesting for a project but they ignored my request. I finally decided to make lemonade from the lemons and adjusted to this on bench life. I made a girlfriend, followed a workout regime, watched movies and started enjoying life. Now after 2 years when I have well-adjusted to this on bench life they are disturbing me by giving a project. They just can’t see me happy. This is what I call heights of employee exploitation” he said expressing his disappointment.

Many a times employees quit because of project pressure, demanding client or an unfair manager but Abhijit dismissed all these claims.

“In my 2 years of on bench experience, I have not faced any of these issues to be afraid of them. For 1st year, I was free with no girlfriend, I asked for a project but they denied and now when I don’t want it, they are assigning me one. It’s a plain simple case of always going against an employee” Abhijit repeated the same thing in different words to defend himself.

Faking news learnt that Abhijit (on bench from 2 years) and his accompanying friend Vinay (on bench from 1 year) spend most of their time together by repeatedly watching the Big Bang Theory series from a year now.

When Faking News questioned Abhijit’s loser attitude that finally (after 2 years) it was time for him to contribute to company’s growth but he was quitting, his friend Vinay interfered “Sorry for my unpleasant hypothesis, but companies get new projects because they show/have employees on bench. So on bench employees play a more important role in company’s growth. Bazinga!”

Abhijit also mentioned that any project experience is bad and will only go against him. He also concluded that he was the wisest among all the IT employees.

“When I approach other companies for job, they cannot grill me or ask questions about my previous project experience as I never worked on any. This will make it easier for me to crack a job interview” he said as he left the premises completing one more on bench day.

Abhijit belongs to a poor family from a small village in Maharashtra. His father is a farmer. His father completely denied the allegations that his son was a quitter and corrected that he left the job for better future.

“I am in continuous touch with my son. From last 2 years, my son worked with a big team on a very big project called ‘On Bench’. Despite his good performance for 2 years, Infomiss was shifting him to some small project. Therefore he decided to quit.” said his father in complete support of his son Abhijit

The attrition rate in the IT companies has always been high. Sometimes employee resign for silly reasons like salary raise, promotion etc while sometimes they quit for important reasons like facebook access, no pretty faces in HR etc. However this is one rare case in which an on bench employee got a project after 2 years and he resigned.