Wednesday, 21st February, 2018

An IITian killed a 45 year old woman

09, Dec 2012 By babubisleri

Recently in a town of Rajasthan, Ashok Kumar (Badla Hua Naam), a B.Tech student of Indian Institute of Technology killed a woman with a knife and surrendered himself to police on phone saying that they can find him at office of Atkins Global, but when police reached there, they found that Atkins Global was not open for the B.Tech students as they are supposedly not as talented as the guys at IIT so there was no chance to find him there.

Then police found a message outside their office stating that “you can find me at L&T“. After that one of the police constable who did his from Indian Institute of Technology in the department of Civil Engineering put a point that this guy is rich and will never do a job for 3.5 lpa. So this option was also ruled out.

When they saw that message again, they noticed that the message was conveyed in the form “cout< <"you can find me at L&T"<