Tuesday, 20th February, 2018

Amnesty is better than animosity

03, Jun 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Husband-wife hostility seems to be as old as the marriage vows. If any couple denies one’s acrimony, there is no inexactness in it. The mode of the ceasefire can be different but the animosity cannot be disparate. When a daft couple fights, the style is far diverse from that of the deft couple. A six-month-old couple experienced profound brawl on some issue. Consequently, the bride returned to her mother’s house and made it clear to not to return again. Her homecoming led to settling into the same initial occupation of house-maid. But her immediate lady neighbour kept on advising her on following a different approach. Giving her instance she pointed out that she also used to fight with her husband but did not leave the company despite all the adverse, difficult circumstances. And above all, this was your first fight. You should not take it up so seriously. These pieces of advice were not helpful in deterring the annoyed bride from her firm resolve.

In another similar case, the wife also returned to her parents’ house. In a very plain emphatic way, she declared of the impracticality of going again. She mentioned whatever case might be, there was no chance of her going back. Being a deft couple they tackled the conjugal fight differently. It was after a week the husband made a telephonic call to her angry bird and said: “Sorry, come back.” These were the words the spouse wanted to hear, hitherto she answered: “Chances were so dim for her return. Her heart had been broken badly.”  In return, the wise husband intelligently asked her to fix the broken heart for making her re-entry possible. As the wife was not in a mood to agree with her husbands’ words so easily she asked over, “Have you possessed any piece of glassware? If in the affirmative, strike it on the cemented floor. The hubby performed accordingly. Now you should stick together all the scant shattered pieces of the broken glass. Could u do it?” Obviously, it was impossible for you as the wrecked glass can never be put back into working order. Correspondingly, you cannot initiate patch up with me. Hearing her poignant sentences the husband rejoined how could you discern of the glass was broken. It was never ruptured into pieces. The glass was of stainless steel. Realising her husband’s mischievousness the wife stated that you would never improve. My decision gets reversed by your unexpected witty wit. Amnesty is better than animosity.