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Amethi people declare 5-day festival after Rahul Gandhi mentions its name in his speech in Parliament

11, May 2015 By manithan

Amethi: It is celebrations galore in Rahul Gandhi’s constituency of 11 years. People were seen hugging each other and distributing sweets.

We were puzzled over the sudden celebrations as there is no big festival or birthday of Congress leader on the cards. Finding our way around the decorations across the streets, we met a 50-year old man. He gave us three milk sweets and forcibly made us eat them. When asked about the sudden reason for celebration, he said, “Why should we not celebrate? Our Gandhiji had spoken about us for the first time in Parliament. We had been waiting for this grand moment for the past 10 years. Finally, he had uttered our constituency name outside our constituency. Is this not a reason to celebrate?”. He sped to another group of young men to distribute sweets.

Common men (Aam aadmis) of Amethi seen here celebrating Rahul Gandhi's mention of Amethi in speech
Common men (Aam aadmis) of Amethi seen here celebrating Rahul Gandhi’s mention of Amethi in speech

We then met a 72-year old woman, who had voted only for Congress for the past 40 years. She said, “I trust in the Hand of Congress more than my hand. I had been struggling to earn money and feed my family for the past 40 years, which I will blame on RSS and Modi. They ruined my whole life. I will again vote for Congress so that they can uplift us.”

Scratching her head, she added, “Anyway, my whole family is happy that Rajiv Gandhi spoke about our place in UP Assembly today.”

A local Congress leader, on condition of anonymity, said, “Everyone in Amethi knew that we are always in the mind of Rahulji. But we also know that Rahulji finds it hard to convert those ideal thoughts to words and action. It is not his fault. He is not our property. He is the treasure of India. He has to think about India and the whole world. How can he allocate his brain for small villagers like us?”

Few village heads although expressed their concern over Rahul Gandhi talking about Amethi. One of them said, “We had to spend nearly all of our earnings for celebrating the mention of Amethi in Rahul’s speech. God forbid he should not talk about Amethi for next 2-3 years or should never try to come here for another 4 years. If either of one happens, then we will be bankrupt.”