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Americans stole the concept of Ice bucket challenge from Parvati vrat, says an Indian housewife

27, Aug 2014 By Rajesh Turlapati

“Americans stole the concept of Ice bucket challenge from Parvati vrat,” says Manjula, a house wife from Andhra Pradesh.

She claims that the whole concept and process of Ice bucket challenge is copied from Parvati vrat.

“There are basically 4 steps in the vrat.  First you should get completely wet with Ice water. Then listen to the vrat story (vrat katha). In the third step, you donate some money.  And in the final step, you must nominate at least 3 more people to do same within 24 hrs,” explained Manjula.

Parvati vrat
Parvati vrat

“The only difference that the new American version brought is the change in vrat katha (story). The new one talks about ALS. Remaining process is same.”

She also noticed similarities in execution of vrat.  “I have also found that neither Indians (doing Parvati vrat) nor Americans (doing I-B challenge) are actually focusing on vrat katha which explains the cause and reason of whole vrat. “

When asked about her further steps going forward on this issue, she answered,  “This is a clear copy right violation. I will proceed with legal actions. I will demand for at least 50% of punya they are getting from these acts.”

She also said, if her demands are fulfilled she is also happy to provide few suggestions/amendments to the I-B challenge process. “I think they are missing some important rituals like aarti, coconut-breaking etc…’