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Alphonso Mango Party

02, May 2014 By khakshar

European Union has banned import of “Alphonso Mango” from India on pretext of excessive use of Pesticide.

BJP , the main opposition party has taken the UPA  government to task regarding the ban.  It has accused the ManMohan Singh  led government of knee -jerk reaction . It has further accused that it is a conspiracy of  Indian Government to help Robert Vadra to acquire land.  The falling  demand may lead to less  income on sale of  the delicious variety of Mango, Alphonso . The farmers of Konkan reigon of Maharashtra and Goa may have to sell orchards .The opposing party has further accused  Mr. Robert, who is known for his love of agricultural land as the main force behind the ban on import. The BJP leaders are saying that ban on such flimsy ground justifies their allegations. It is also rumored that Mr. Vadra’s love of Mango instead of Banana may also be a reason behind the ban.

While Congress leaders are accusing the BJP leader Mr.Nitin Gadkari and his love of mangoes as the reason behind it. Mr.Sanjay Jha  said, “With Congress sure to gain re election and  Mr. Gadkari  sure to be jailed in Poorti Scam, he wants to enjoy the Alphonso variety for the last time before his arrest”.

Meanwhile Mr. Lalu Yadav has accused Mr. Nitish Kumar of mismanagement and not using this opportunity to export saffron flavored mango  “Zarda”  and other varieties to European Union.