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Aloknath was found heavily drunk, misbehaved in the nightclub

23, Jul 2014 By Siddharth Patki

Mumbai: Mother India is in tear and disgrace, as her favorite son Aloknath was found drunk, misbehaved and finally thrown out of the night club.

Babuji, the icon of culture and tradition was thrown out, as he misbehaved with almost all the girls in the club. When FN interviewed a sobbing girl in the club, “I was waiting for my drink on the counter, he came to me and said “Hi!”, I was so embarrassed to see Babuji in the night club, so I immediately touched his feet and apologized for my indecent dressing and you know what that pervert replied, “Sup shawty, wanna have fun tonight, I was so disgusted, I ended up slapping him”.

“He was high and drunk and danced liked crazy on Yo Yo honey singhs “4 bottle vodka kam mera roz ka” song and insisted DJ to play it repeatedly. And during his babuji dance, he injured atleast 24 people around him and few of them are in hospital now. Not only that he broke lot of bottles & delicate interiors, plus he also asked for LSD & Ecstasy; my club now lost its reputation because him, he owes me lot of money. Aloknath! if you are reading this, be ready, i am coming after you. I mean legally,” said the owner of the club.

When we interviewed Alok Nath, “I don’t know how i lost control, its all of because of money i been making, i am so famous lately that i had the money but couldn’t have fun cause of babuji image, so in disguise i went into this club just to dance, but someone put some pill in my juice which made me crazy and led to all this, it’s all a big conspiracy”.

Aloknath’s prestigious image is now down the drain, he has been banned from all the temples as well from any social meetings. His wife has also left him and her location is unknown.

“The man who taught family values to USA, the rebirth of culture & tradition in India, a religion icon, a crusader, a pioneer, a man with true character and substance, heaven knows what made him turn from sanskaari to khunnkhari, wish this was a fake news,”commented editor in chief, faking news.

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