Tuesday, 20th February, 2018

“All remaining Coal Blocks to be allocated overnight, if Washington Post does not Apologize” – Govt. Sources

06, Sep 2012 By VIREN.CHAVAN

An emergency cabinet meeting was held today afternoon, after Washington Post referring India’s Silent Mode Prime Minister as a tragic figure. All ministers & spokes person of the national party were called for the emergency meeting.

Our sources confirm: The members who think less & talk more were given preference to talk in the meeting.

After having heated discussion for more than 2 hours, every attendee was clueless & confused. Everyone was looking at each other’s faces with the expectations; somebody would come out with the future plan of action.

One of the member suggested, a committee should be formed to decide the measurements to be taken against such news articles being published frequently by foreign media. Also this committee should tour The United States of America (with family) to the meet Washington Post officials. Many attendees objected this, because most of their family members are in Tihad Jail & would not be able to join the trip to the US.

Finally after lots of “brainstorming” , it was concluded, if Washington Post does not apologize, all remaining Coal Blocks would be allocated overnight.

Now “Citizens of India Forum” has decided to request Washington Post to take back their words, as there would be no Coal Blocks left for the next Government to allocate.