Friday, 20th April, 2018

All marriages that happened before 2005 to be declared void

31, Jan 2014 By jayantgajria

Close to heals on Governments declaration recalling back all pre 2005 currency notes, came another declaration. All marriages before 2005 will be treated as null and void.

It has been brought to notice that Marriage Certificates before 2005 can be easily duplicated, so the decision was taken. A spokesperson on behalf of Government has asked all husbands to deposit their respective wives back to their parents house as their marriages can be treated as null and void.

While most Husbands were jubilant with the decision, those whose marriages have been registered after 2005 have cried foul. One such husband said ” It is totally unfair, there are chances of after 2005 certificates being counterfeit too, even we should be asked to send back our wives”

A father of a girl however refused to accept back his girl saying “Return Warranty is valid only if returned back in original packing.”

Will keep you posted on further development.