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Aliens to Teach at IIT Jodhpur

06, Apr 2015 By ankitg

Jodhpur, Rajasthan: In a revolutionary attempt to change the present education system, IIT Jodhpur administration decides to take one step further. According to the sources, soon aliens from Mars will replace most of the current faculty members at IIT Jodhpur. The Director of the institute said, “We believe in quality education and as per our standards most of the human academicians are not up to the mark. We’ll make sure that all of them (human faculty) get replaced by the Aliens if needed. We are working on a code of conduct for the students so that Alien faculties get the same respect and a friendly environment on our planet.”

Aliens at IIT Jodhpur
Aliens at IIT Jodhpur

This step from the administration led to a social media outcry from the student community. “Our education is our future and we’ll not allow any outsider to dictate our future. And how you can ensure quality standards of an alien faculty”, a student said. We are going to slam Twitter and Facebook with the slogan #DictatorFreeIITJ, he added.

It is speculated that the recent Mangalyan Mars mission helped IIT Jodhpur officials to communicate and sign an MOM with the Aliens. A scientist at ISRO said, “It is good that we are making ties with our neighbors (Mars), it will help in the advancement of science and technology but we shouldn’t replace humans just to accommodate the Aliens. This might have some devastating consequences in future.”

Although the news of Aliens teaching us science may seem exciting but the question we should ask is whether our quality standards have become so high that no human can fulfill it and what is quality anyways?