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Alien in red spotted walking along with Indian Contingent!

16, Sep 2012 By becharibored

An alien portraying itself to be an Indian girl was spotted walking along with the Indian contingent at the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics 2012 held in London. The alien was seen wearing a read shirt with blue jeans and a big smile.

As soon as Sushil Kumar held the flag and walked, all the camera lens were stuck to the alien girl. The identity of the alien and its mother planet is still unknown.

Don-wanna-tell-a Ver-sace,the head of a leading cloth line on planet earth, however criticized the alien’s choice of clothes. When asked for her expert comments, she said that the extra terrestrials need to follow the Earthling trend of fashion more accurately.She wondered in which galaxy does red goes with yellow and accompanied with blue jeans when the rest were clad in yellow sarees.She also very effectively pointed out that not all seasons of the Tyra Banks show was received by the foreign planet and hence the alien didnt know how to wear a smile.

Meanwhile, the Indians are taking the presence in a positive sense. Maha pandit of BhangarBhagwaan temple is seeing it as a blessing from the Gods above and is performing a special 51 day hawan. The man who walked along the alien is all hopes to win a gold in wrestling at the Olympics as the alien provided him with huge packets of ‘Maa ke haath ka ghee and buttermilk’.

Our very honest sources also informed that Mr.Kalmadi is keen on meeting the alien to pass on his fraudulent tricks to outer space as he dreams to organize another Common-planet Games soon.

The hunt for the spaceship is on and the Interpol hopes to find a clue of its whereabouts in Farah Khan’s next, ‘Joker’.