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Alcohol banned in Kerala, distraught drunkards to enter Gandhian model protest

27, Sep 2014 By pagalmalabari

Kochi: It had come as a surprise to many drunkards here in Kerala that Government has decided to enter the phase of complete alcohol ban in Kerala. We quote one of the drunkards, “We have worked hard for the growth of the economy this long, its quite shocking that government has decided to ignore our very existence in this economy and denying us to contribute to the nation.

Over the past few years we along with expatriates had contributed highest towards the revenue of the state governement. It is absolutely outrageous that Governement had decided to ignore our efforts and Ban Alcohol completely. We as an ideal citizens should move out to other states and continue contributing for India as a nation, but we together had decided to make a stand as a last effort. If Government wouldn’t provide us with alcohol, we would make our own, as it was done during the British Raj by Gandhiji in the instance of Salt March. We will not back of until Government realizes the power of vote bank of drunkards.”

With the announcement of protest by All Kerala Kudiyans Association (AKKA) it is predicted to be a major drift on the political axis that now prevail in kerala, since the drinking population in kerala is ascertained somewhere near 52% of Keralites.