Thursday, 22nd February, 2018

Albert Prasad Shukla in the Faking News Adda

02, Jul 2017 By rofl gujju

Faking News HQ: GST has been rolled out from midnight. PM asked the CA and Media to disseminate the information to the citizen. As Irresponsible media house, we Faking News host Adda with the Taxation and all round expert.

Pagal Patrakar (PP): Please have round applause for Mr.Albert. Albert Prasad Shukla (Albert the expert): Thanks, PP.

PP: Let me put the straight question that many media house hesitate to put. How many crores of tax revenue likely to increase through GST? Albert the Expert: Dear PP, This is globalized world and please learn about global nomenclature. This crores an lakhs is superiotically Indian class. Please talk in millions and Billions.

PP: Let’s forget it and come to the point that please explain this well-debated term “Anti profiting” in layman term. Albert the expert: Ohh..It’s simply mean, you can not become Naseemudin Siddiqui. He alleged to take fund for party and keep with himself. Likewise, In GST – Businessman has to pass the tax benefit to the consumer and can not take it with himself as profit.

PP: Ok Ok …Now please explain our readers about Integrated GST. Albert the expert: It’s simple as the BCCI and ICC dispute. In Indian cricket team match the revenue shared by the BCCI and ICC as per predecided ratio. Likewise in Integrated GST, the tax will share between Union and State.

PP: Oh that’s great! Now please explain about the GST rating. Albert the expert: That you all aware about. As trolls rated down the books of the many writers on e-seller platforms. Likewise many so called news channel killed Baghdadi for the 14597th time as it fetches them TRP. Likewise, this is just anther system which decides the credibility of the supplier.

PP: Last question my lord. Former FM, Chidambaram said that – its’ will hard to decide whether kit kat comes to chocolate category or biscuit. Albert the expert: Look I can explain this answer but it’s taboo for me to utter the name of the Foreign brand. If you ask about any issue of Patanjali or reliance than also I can give you answer.